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Alright, I'm trying to make this synopsis as brief as possible so I can get to the review. Because, hell, this is a good one.

Another begins with the story of Misaki, a girl who was popular in school until her death. After she died the class continued to pretend that she was there rather than recognize the event, to the point of the principal reserving her a seat at the class's graduation. At the end of this story, the speaker says that it was not yet over.

Sakakibara Kouichi moves into the town from Tokyo when his father goes to India for work. When he arrives, his lung collapses and he is put into the hospital, where he encounters a strange, mysterious girl in the elevator.

Soon enough he is released from the hospital and attends school. The class is strangely solemn during his introduction, but once it is over they are shown to have elements of any normal school cast.

There seems to be a wide variety of characters, and all of them are in on something to which Kouichi is oblivious. Hopefully the cast will be explored and developed, because damn, this show has so much potential.

The atmosphere is amazing; it pulls you in from the very beginning. The animation is absolutely gorgeous, and the music goes perfectly with the setting. Basically, this is j-horror at it's best.

It's no surprise that Another is an adaption of a novel: it has a nice, patient pace and a melancholy atmosphere that is rare in anime. Apparently a live-action film is being produced this summer, if that gives you an idea of how great this is.

Seriously, if you have an interest in psychological horror and mystery, then this is for you. I highly doubt that there will be anything that can top this for the season.

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