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The Knight in the Area is a soccer anime based off of a manga that seems to be quite popular; and honestly, I can see it being a better manga rather than an anime.

The setup is interesting. Kakeru is the younger brother of Suguru, a star soccer player. While they played together when they were younger, Kakeru decided that he couldn't compare to his brother, and became the manager instead of a player for the school's soccer team.

Now, for me it's generally important to have at least one character in an anime to dote over. Kakeru is that character. He's humble and an avid fan of his brother, despite whatever jealousy one might expect him to feel.

This anime seems to have a focus on romance. Before long a girl shows up who played soccer with the brothers when they were younger. She has potential to be a decent character, but the immediate focus on her being a cute girl who is loved by all the boys kind of threw me off.

Aside from that, some parts of the show are pretty cliche and cheesy. The animation is decent at best, especially for a first episode, but it's possible that I was just spoiled by last season's gorgeous animation. Contrarily, the music in the show is great, and reminiscent of some of last season's fantasy series; that said, it seems rather awkward paired up with a high school sports setting.

Overall, it's decent. More than anything, the appearance of a mysterious character motivating Kakeru to play soccer again caught my interest, so I'm interested in seeing at least one more episode before making my decision on whether or not to continue watching.

As far as a rating goes, I'd give this episode a 5/5.

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